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Do It Yourself Divorces

DIY divorce is a good solution if you can meet certain criteria... please call (406) 892 - 7602 with any and all questions if this is right for you and your spouce.

  • Have you and your spouse already come to terms regarding Property, Custody and Support?
  • You feel like you  have a good handle on all assets that may need to be accounted for.
  • You feel you can come to terms about custody, support and other such issues that need to be resolved without conflict.

If you are not sure please call.

Non-attorney Probate of Estates

Can assets be transferred outside of probate?

Does the estate qualify as a “small estate”?

What is your states probate procedures?

What are the estates assets?

Are there debts? 

Is the estate liable for tax?

Are family members in agreement on procedures?

Please feel free to call with questions!


Jerry O'Neil Montana Legal Writing Kalispell Montana

Jerry O'Neil

Has served as State Senator where he term limited out after serving for 8 years.  He then served 4 years in the Montana House of Representatives

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